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Day 3 - Blend and Create : A 7-Day Step Plan for Parents at Home

Welcome back to our phonics journey! We're on Day 3, and today promises to be full of excitement as we delve into blending sounds to create words. Building on the foundation laid in the previous days, we're ready to take the next step towards literacy. Let's dive in!

Day 3: Blend and Create

Now that your child has become familiar with individual letter sounds, it's time to bring those sounds together to form words. Today's focus is on exploring simple CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words such as "cat" and "dog." Here's how you can make learning fun and engaging:

Blending Sounds: Start by demonstrating how to blend sounds together to form words. Break down the word "cat" into its individual sounds (/k/-/a/-/t/) and then blend them together to say the word. Encourage your child to mimic this process and try blending sounds on their own.

Interactive Word Cards: Create colorful word cards with simple CVC words written on them. Use these cards to play a game where your child has to blend the sounds to form the complete word. Make it a fun challenge by timing each round or offering rewards for correct answers.

Exploring New Words: Once your child is comfortable blending simple CVC words, challenge them to create new words by changing the beginning or ending sounds. For example, they can change "cat" to "bat" or "dog" to "dot." This not only reinforces blending skills but also encourages creativity and experimentation.


Day 3 has been all about blending and creating words – an essential skill in the journey towards literacy. By exploring simple CVC words and engaging in interactive activities, your child is gaining confidence and proficiency in phonics. Stay tuned for Day 4, where we'll continue our adventure with more fun and engaging phonics activities!

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