Day 2 - Meet the Sounds : A 7-Day Step Plan for Parents at Home

Day 2 - Meet the Sounds : A 7-Day Step Plan for Parents at Home

Day 2: Meet the Sounds

Welcome back to our phonics journey! Today, we're diving into the exciting world of letter sounds. These sounds are the very building blocks of phonics, and by the end of today, your child will be well on their way to mastering them. Let's get started with some fun and engaging activities!

Exploring Letter Sounds:

First things first, let's introduce your child to the sounds that each letter makes. You can begin by singing the alphabet song together. Encourage your child to join in and pay attention to the sounds of each letter as you sing along.

Playful Activities:

Now, it's time to get creative! Use flashcards with pictures of objects that start with different letters. For example, show a picture of an apple for the letter A, a ball for the letter B, and so on. Ask your child to say the name of the object and pay attention to the sound at the beginning of the word. This activity not only reinforces letter sounds but also helps with vocabulary building.

Interactive Learning:

Make use of toys and objects around the house to demonstrate letter sounds in a hands-on way. Show your child a toy car and emphasize the "c" sound at the beginning of the word "car." You can also explore sounds together by listening to everyday noises like the ticking of a clock, the buzzing of a bee, or the chirping of birds outside.

Watching the Magic Happen:

As you engage in these activities, you'll witness the magic of learning unfold before your eyes. Pay attention to your child's reactions as they grasp the concept of letter sounds. Their eyes will light up with excitement and curiosity as they discover the connection between letters and the sounds they make.


Day 2 has been all about meeting the sounds – a crucial step in the phonics journey. By engaging in playful activities and interactive learning experiences, you're helping your child develop a solid foundation in phonics. Stay tuned for Day 3, where we'll explore more fun activities to reinforce letter sounds and continue our adventure into the world of phonics!

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