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100 Facts Gladiators Projects Quizzes Fun Facts Cartoons

100 Facts Gladiators Projects Quizzes Fun Facts Cartoons

Rupert Matthews

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Age (years) : 7 - 11

Delve into the world of ancient warriors with 100 Facts About Gladiators. This book offers exactly 100 fascinating facts, complemented by detailed artwork, that shed light on gladiator fights, the games at the Colosseum, and the rise of some gladiators as stars in Rome. Readers will be transported to the arena and given a glimpse into the lives of these skilled and dangerous combatants. Through these 100 facts, readers will learn about the unique weapons and armor used by gladiators, the various fighting styles they employed, and the challenges they faced in the ring. They will also gain an understanding of the social and political context in which the gladiatorial games were held, and the important role they played in Roman society. Overall, 100 Things You Should Know About Gladiators provides an immersive and informative experience that will appeal to anyone interested in ancient history or martial arts.


Publisher : Miles Kelly
Format : Paperback
Style : Illustrated - Colour
Size : Large
SKU : BY1-3159
Content : Non-Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9781842368787
Genre : History
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