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A Series Of Unfortunate Events 13 The End Book The Thirteenth

A Series Of Unfortunate Events 13 The End Book The Thirteenth

Lemony Snicket

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Age (years) : 9 - 15

The concluding installment of the immensely popular A Series of Unfortunate Events series has arrived, bringing the tale of the Baudelaire orphans to its ultimate culmination.

Presumably, you find yourself gazing upon the back cover of this book, at the end of the end. Indeed, the end of the end serves as the optimal starting point, for if you were to read the end from the beginning of the beginning of the end to the end of the end of the end, you would ultimately find yourself at the end of your wits.

Contained within these pages lies the final chapter of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Even if you have bravely traversed the twelve preceding volumes, it is understandable if you have grown weary of encountering such unpleasantness as a menacing storm, a dubious elixir, a flock of untamed sheep, an immense avian enclosure, and a truly haunting secret concerning the Baudelaire parents.

With utmost dedication, I have meticulously chronicled the saga of the Baudelaire orphans, and now, my task is complete. As you likely possess other endeavors to pursue, I strongly advise you to relinquish this book promptly, ensuring that the end does not bring about your own undoing.

With deepest respect,

Lemony Snicket

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Publisher : HarperCollins

Format : Hardcover

Language : English

Content : Fiction

Style : Non-Illustrated

ISBN : 9780064410168

Size : Large

SKU : BY1-3559

Genre : Mystery/Thriller

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