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Amar Chitra Katha Vol. 592 Ghatotkacha (P)

Amar Chitra Katha Vol. 592 Ghatotkacha (P)

Lakshmi Seshadri

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Age (years) : 6 - 99

He may have looked like a demon, but Ghatotkacha was a guardian angel, always ready to help, always cheerful. The Pandava brother, Bheema, was lucky to have him as a son, for he saved his life more than once and if it were not for this brave young rakshasa, the Kauravas may well have been the victors of the famous battle of Mahabharata.


Publisher : Amar Chitra Katha
Format : Paperback
Style : Illustrated - Colour
Size : Large
SKU : BY1-1801
Content : Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9788175081505
Genre : Epics & Mythology
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