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Animal Ark Hedgehogs In The Hall

Animal Ark Hedgehogs In The Hall

Lucy Daniels

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Age (years) : 8 - 12

The Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic welcomes all animals and animal lovers. Mandy Hope and her parents work tirelessly to provide medical care to animals of all shapes and sizes. But Mandy's love for animals extends beyond the clinic, as she is always eager to assist any creature in need. When Mandy and James come across an injured mother hedgehog and her small babies, they spring into action to rescue them. However, they realize that wild animals can't remain at Animal Ark indefinitely. Thus, Mandy and James set out to find a safe way to release the hedgehogs back into their natural habitat. Can they succeed in their mission to return the hedgehogs to the wild and ensure their survival?


Publisher : Hodder
Format : Paperback
Style : Illustrated - B&W
Size : Medium
SKU : BY1-3094
Content : Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9780340607749
Genre :
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