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Beast Quest The Warlocks Staff Spikefin The Water King Beast Quest 53 Collector Cards Inside

Beast Quest The Warlocks Staff Spikefin The Water King Beast Quest 53 Collector Cards Inside

Adam Blade

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Age (years) : 7 - 11

In his relentless pursuit of darkness and power, the evil Malvel has created yet another deadly Beast, Spikefin, to thwart Tom in his heroic quest to save the realm of Seraph. Spikefin is a ferocious sea creature, lurking beneath the waves, ready to strike and drag its victims into a watery grave. The danger he poses is immense, and the odds seem insurmountable for our young hero.

As Tom faces Spikefin in a perilous battle, the fate of the realm of Seraph hangs in the balance. The creature's ruthless nature and deadly attacks make it a formidable adversary, and the forces of evil seem determined to extinguish any hope of victory.

With each step closer to confronting Spikefin, doubts may creep into Tom's mind, and the weight of the quest may feel unbearable. The fear of failure and the uncertainty of what lies ahead loom large, but Tom's determination and bravery are unwavering.

As the battle ensues, Tom must summon all his strength, skill, and courage to overcome Spikefin's vicious assaults. He knows that the fate of Seraph depends on his ability to outsmart and defeat the deadly sea creature. Failure is not an option, and he must press forward, even in the face of danger and uncertainty.

The Quest has never been more perilous, and the challenges have never been greater. Spikefin's relentless pursuit and deadly attacks test Tom's resilience and determination to their limits. The outcome of this epic battle will define not only the fate of Seraph but also the legacy of our young hero.

In this gripping and suspenseful chapter of the Beast Quest series, readers will be taken on a thrilling adventure, filled with heart-pounding moments and unexpected twists. Will Tom overcome the treacherous Spikefin and continue his heroic Quest, or will the sea creature prove to be too formidable an adversary? The answer lies in the pages that await, where heroism, courage, and the battle against darkness will determine the destiny of Seraph and the fate of our brave young hero.

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Publisher : Orchard Books

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Fiction

Style : Illustrated - B&W

ISBN : 9781408313206

Size : Medium

SKU : BY1-3365

Genre : Fantasy/Adventure

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