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Bhima The Man in The Shadows

Bhima The Man in The Shadows

Vikas Singh

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Age (years) : 14 - 99

Within me resides the fusion of mortal and superhuman, forging an embodiment of unparalleled might. I stand as the supreme warrior of my era, known for transgressing my righteous path to commit a cold-blooded murder. With my own hands, I have decimated an entire generation of my kin, perpetrating unspeakable acts of brutality upon the battlefield. All these actions were driven by my unwavering love for a woman who, in turn, loves my brother.

I am Bhima, the second of the Pandavas, and this is the chronicle of my life.

Despite possessing astounding strength, unwavering loyalty, and profound tenderness, my character has often been overshadowed by the prominence of Yudhishtira and Arjuna. Despite my numerous virtues, history tends to remember me solely for my brawn and muscular prowess. However, through Vikas Singh's retelling of the Mahabharata, India's greatest epic is now unveiled from the perspective of a hero who has long been overlooked. This enthralling narrative sheds light on the extraordinary courage that defines me, the consuming love I harbor for Draupadi, and the tumultuous emotions I grapple with concerning my brother, Arjuna.

Written in a captivating and entertaining style, Singh's work offers an authoritative response to a burning inquiry: What was it truly like to be Bhima? Within these pages, readers will discover a riveting exploration of my character, presenting a fascinating account that finally grants me the recognition I deserve.

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Publisher : Westland Ltd

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Fiction

Style : Non-Illustrated

ISBN : 9789385152504

Size : Large

SKU : BY1-3529

Genre : Mythology

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