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Chhota Bheem In Touch Of Stone

Chhota Bheem In Touch Of Stone

Nikhil Vaddiboina

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Age (years) : 3 - 9

One night, a mysterious light strikes through the sky and sends a message to Kalia, warning him that anything he touches will turn to stone. At first, Kalia thinks it's just a dream, but he's shocked when he wakes up and discovers that it's real - everything he touches is turning to stone, including his loyal minions Dholu and Bholu. Realizing the danger that Kalia poses to the people of Dholakpur, Bheem springs into action to stop him. But as he confronts Kalia, he soon finds himself in danger of turning into stone as well. Bheem must act fast to find a way to stop Kalia before it's too late. Despite the odds against him, Bheem devises a plan to save Dholakpur from the stone curse. With quick thinking and teamwork, Bheem and his friends put their skills to the test to overcome Kalia's powers and help him mend his ways. This thrilling story will take you on a stony ride as Bheem and his friends battle to save Dholakpur and stop Kalia from turning everyone into statues. Will they be able to succeed, or will they too become victims of the stone curse? Read on to find out.


Publisher : Green Gold
Format : Paperback
Style : Illustrated - Colour
Size : Large
SKU : BY1-3174
Content : Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9789380708591
Genre : Adventure
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