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Discover More General Knowledge Book 3

Discover More General Knowledge Book 3


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Age (years) : 8 - 8

This book provides Did You Know? Facts with each exercise to introduce children to exciting information that they will marvel at and can also discuss among themselves. Brain teasers in this book throw up a challenge to the young learners and encourage them to think logically. The answers to them have also been provided at the end of the book. This book has been carefully designed for Grade 3 students not only to educate students but to also develop their thinking abilities. The exercises and worksheets in this book has been conceptualized after a very careful study of the NCERT Guidelines and course material for Grade 3. this book aims to broaden the knowledge base of children and enhance their thinking skills. The interactive exercises, quizzes, games and brain teasers have been designed to address the needs of learners and retain their interest along the way. This book also carries information pages that introduce students to new and interesting things in a detailed manner. They will learn about a variety of things that will stimulate their minds and create new interests for them.

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Publisher : Macaw Books

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Non-Fiction

Style : Illustrated - Colour

ISBN : 9781603463607

Size : Large

SKU : BY4-221

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