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Divergent #1 : Divergent (P)

Divergent #1 : Divergent (P)

Veronica Roth

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Age (years) : 12 - 17

Winner for Favorite Book of 2011 (2011), Winner for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction (2011), Nominee for Best Goodreads Author (2011).

Beatrice Prior is about to make a choice that will alter the course of her life. Everyone in a divided society must decide to which group they belong. And Tris' decision surprises not only herself but also everyone else.

Once choices have been chosen, the new recruits are subjected to through brutal initiation tests that have life-threatening repercussions. Tris must decide who her allies are as their experience changes them and whether the man who both threatens and defends her is truly on her side.

Tris has a fatal secret, which is why. And this truth might either save those Tris loves—or it could ruin her—as escalating strife threatens to shatter their ostensibly perfect society.

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Publisher : HarperCollins

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Fiction

Style : Non-Illustrated

ISBN : 9780007536726

Size : Large

SKU : BY1-3255

Genre : Fantasy

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