DK The New Children's Encyclopedia

DK The New Children's Encyclopedia


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Age (years) : 5 - 15

With more than 9000 indexed entries, facts and stats and 2500 full colour illustrations. Step into the pages of this lavishly illustrated encyclopedia and embark on a breathtaking journey to explore the mysteries that surround us. Voyage through outer space, discover our planet's incredible environment and experience an under the skin encounter with the workings of the human body. Throughout the book, fundamental topics such as science, history and geography are covered in engaging and informative ways. Perfect for dipping into or for reading from cover to cover, this encyclopedia is packed with fact and information boxes, maps, annotated timelines and engaging take a look features. An encyclopedia that will inspire children to discover for themselves and encourage a love of learning. When, where, what, why - open the pages of this book to find the answers to all the questions children love to ask. From giant galaxies to microscopic bacteria and from human cells to ancient civilizations, key school subjects are brought to life in fresh and exciting ways. Hundreds of photographs combined with innovative fact boxes allow children to enhance their learning in the pages of this inspiring book.


Publisher : DK
Format : Hardcover
Style : Illustrated - Colour
SKU : BY1-2488
Content : Non-Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9781405336581
Genre :
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