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Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment

V K Ahluwalia

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Age (years) : 15 - 99

Energy is important for the survival of life forms on earth. While energy exists in different forms, fossil fuels, one of the forms of energy source, have played an important role in the history of human development. The widespread use of fossil fuels has severely affected the environment. Climate change and global warming, the outcome of the extensive use of fossil fuels, have forced us to reimagine a fossil fuel-free earth. To save the planet earth, scientists are urging humans to make efforts to contain the rising global temperature below 2°C by reducing emissions from fossil fuel. Energy and Environment discusses various forms of energy. It examines environmental impacts of energy generation and how non-renewable sources of energy contributes significantly to environmental pollution. In the book the role of renewable energy sources in mitigating global problem of environmental pollution is also discussed at length. It also elaborates on storage of energy, an important subject, in the context of rising energy demands of the present world.


Publisher : TERI Press
Format : Hardcover
Style : Non-Illustrated
Size : Medium
SKU : BY7-2
Content : Non-Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9788179936610
Genre : Informative
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