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Flight with Birdy (Level 1)

Flight with Birdy (Level 1)

Sharmila Sinha

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Age (years) : 3 - 7

How would you feel if a giant bird came along and started singing to you? Priyam was first shocked and then amazed that Birdy - the Great Indian Hornbill that flew into her garden and not only sang but also knew many things that were going wrong with the world. Birdy took Priyam and her pet Jiffy through clouds, beyond mountains, above towns and villages. They saw how cars and factories were polluting the clean earth, how this was making snow melt too soon and rivers dry up too quick, how plants and animals and people were suffering. Hop on for the flight of a lifetime!

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Publisher : TERI Press

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Fiction

Style : Illustrated - Colour

ISBN : 9798179930617

Size : Medium

SKU : BY7-132

Genre : Informative

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