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Knowledge Masters Outer Space

Knowledge Masters Outer Space

Harry Ford/Kay Barnham

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Age (years) : 6 - 12

If you've ever been curious about the age of the Earth or the number of galaxies in the universe, then you're in luck. The Knowledge Master series provides answers to these intriguing questions and many more. The series covers a wide range of topics that are popular with children and can be used as a valuable aid for school projects and homework assignments. The latest and most up-to-date internet links are included in each book, along with striking full-color illustrations that grab and keep children's attention. Titles are presented in a question and answer style that makes the information easily understandable. With the Knowledge Master series, children have access to a vast library of information that they can refer to at any time.


Publisher : Alligator Books
Format : Hardcover
Style : Illustrated - Colour
Size : Large
SKU : BY1-3150
Content : Non-Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9781842399118
Genre : Science
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