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Let's Get Active: Learning about Flowers

Let's Get Active: Learning about Flowers

Swayam Ganguly

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Age (years) : 6 - 8

(An illustrated activity book that teaches young learners all about Flowers)
Flowers add beauty to our environs. They play a vital role in enabling plants to reproduce. Their colours and shapes facilitate pollination, seed growth, and seed dispersal. Learning about Flowers highlights interesting facts about flowers through exciting activities, games, and puzzles. These easy-to-do activities promote creative thinking and problem solving among young minds, making the title a fun supplement to their textbooks. It introduces them to the amazing world of flowers and their significance in day-to-day life.
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Publisher : TERI Press
Format : Paperback
Style : Illustrated - Colour
Size : Large
SKU : BY7-77
Content : Non-Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9788179934364
Genre : Informative
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