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Danielle Steel

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Age (years) : 14 - 99

In her 37th bestselling novel, Danielle Steel weaves a captivating tale of resilience as a woman battles a devastating betrayal and the cruelest malice.

After enduring a traumatic attack on the night of her mother's funeral, seventeen-year-old Grace Adams chooses to keep her secrets hidden. The deep wounds inflicted upon her soul haunt her, shaping her future in profound ways. From an Illinois prison to a Chicago modeling agency, and eventually to a challenging career in New York, Grace carries her past with her.

As she begins to heal her own pain, Grace reaches out to others who have suffered like her, offering solace to battered women and children. Along the way, she meets Charles Mackenzie, a New York lawyer who desires nothing from her except to mend her wounds, hear her secrets, and create the loving family she craves. However, as happiness finally dawns on her, Grace faces a new threat from a relentless tabloid press and a malicious enemy from her past, willing to stop at nothing to destroy her.

With her unparalleled storytelling, Danielle Steel delves into the extraordinary journey of this remarkable woman, capturing her determination to triumph over malice and betrayal. As Grace transforms a lifetime of pain into a source of strength for others, Steel explores the harsh realities of domestic abuse and the transformative power of love. Malice is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human heart, illuminating the endurance and resilience that can turn tragedy into a force of compassion and hope.

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Publisher : Corgi Books

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Fiction

Style : Non-Illustrated

ISBN : 9780552141314

Size : Medium

SKU : BY1-3309

Genre : Romance

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