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Princess Poppy Pop Star Princess

Princess Poppy Pop Star Princess

Janey Louise Jones

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Age (years) : 7 - 12

Poppy's excitement is contagious as she prepares to join her cousin Daisy's band, the Beach Babes, as a backing singer for a local talent contest in Camomile Cove. With a fantastic new song and a captivating dance routine, Poppy is confident that their performance will secure them the victory. However, her enthusiasm takes a tumble when she discovers an article in the local paper about their rivals, Lilac and the Mermaids.

Suddenly, Poppy's confidence wavers as she starts to doubt their chances of winning against such formidable competition. The mention of Lilac and the Mermaids ignites a spark of rivalry and competitiveness in Poppy, pushing her to wonder if she will ever get the chance to shine as a pop star princess.

Caught up in the whirlwind of competition, Poppy finds herself engulfed in a rollercoaster of emotions. She becomes determined to prove herself and her talent, spurred on by the desire to outshine their rivals and claim the title of the contest.

As Poppy's determination intensifies, she starts to lose sight of the true joy of music and the camaraderie within the band. Her journey takes unexpected turns as she faces challenges, learns valuable lessons, and discovers the importance of friendship and cooperation.

Amidst the fierce rivalry, Poppy finds support and guidance from unexpected sources. Her loyal friend Honey stands by her side, reminding her of the power of unity and the magic of music when shared with loved ones. Even Grandpa, with his own musical past, offers wisdom and perspective to help Poppy navigate her ambitions and find her true path.

Through the twists and turns of the talent contest, Poppy learns that being a pop star princess is not just about winning competitions or outshining others. It's about embracing the joy of music, cherishing the bonds of friendship, and staying true to oneself.

Join Poppy on her thrilling and heartfelt journey as she discovers the true meaning of being a pop star princess. Will she find a way to balance her competitive spirit with the importance of collaboration? Can she overcome the challenges and remember the love and passion that brought her to music in the first place?

With its enchanting blend of music, friendship, and self-discovery, Poppy's story will resonate with readers of all ages. So put on your dancing shoes, get ready to sing along, and follow Poppy's journey to see if she can find her own shining moment in the spotlight.

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Publisher : Young Corgi

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Fiction

Style : Illustrated - B&W

ISBN : 9780552557030

Size : Large

SKU : BY1-3240

Genre : Fantasy

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