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Read It Yourself With Ladybird Level 2 The Three Little Pigs

Read It Yourself With Ladybird Level 2 The Three Little Pigs


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Age (years) : 4 - 6

In this beloved fairy tale, the three little pigs embark on a journey of independence as they leave their parental home to construct their own houses—one made of straw, another of sticks, and the third of sturdy bricks. However, their mettle will truly be tested when the formidable, malevolent wolf pays them a visit.

The "Read it yourself with Ladybird" series, offered by Ladybird, has been a consistent best-seller for over thirty-five years, making a significant impact in assisting young readers as they embark on their reading journey and strive to enhance their literacy skills.

Each book in the "Read it yourself" collection is meticulously composed to incorporate numerous key, high-frequency words essential for early reading development. Additionally, a select set of story-specific words are introduced and practiced throughout the narrative. Simple sentences and the frequent repetition of words are skillfully employed to bolster the confidence of budding readers. With four distinct levels, these books offer comprehensive support to children at every stage of their reading journey, from their initial reading experiences to achieving independent and fluent reading abilities. "The Three Little Pigs" is classified as a Level 2 "Read it yourself" title, making it ideal for children who have received initial reading instruction and can read short, straightforward sentences with some guidance.


Publisher : Ladybird
Format : Hardcover
Style : Illustrated - Colour
Size : Medium
SKU : BY13-2505
Content : Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9780723272953
Genre :
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