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SAP Maths Olympiad Advanced Secondary Level

SAP Maths Olympiad Advanced Secondary Level

Terry Chew

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Age (years) : 11 - 13

In this book, non routine questions classified by type that challenge you to think beyong typical solutions. It helps you learn mind sharpening skills and methodologies that transcend curricular knowledge. It adopts and applies elegant and efficient solutions to complex problems. It provides step by step worked solutions for self assessment and greater understanding. It helps students who are mathematics ethusiasts to sharpen their problem solving skills for non routine problems. The various non routine problems are clearly classified for easy comprehension and application. In addition, there are ample examples in each chapter to demonstrate how the non routine problems are solved. The easy to understand analyses and explanations in the examples will definitely help the students to understand better. Students are able to apply their understanding through working ont he questions in each chapter.


Publisher : Singapore Asia Publishers (SAP)
Format : Paperback
Style : Illustrated - B&W
Size : Large
SKU : BY9-713
Content : Non-Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9789386082961
Genre : Maths
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