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Secret Agent Jack Stalwart The Puzzle Of The Missing Panda China

Secret Agent Jack Stalwart The Puzzle Of The Missing Panda China

Elizabeth Singer Hunt

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Age (years) : 7 - 12

Deep inside China's famous Wolong Nature Reserve, an endangered Giant Panda named Ling has disappeared, and for his seventh mission, Jack is paired with a surly, sixteen-year-old park assistant named Fong to help track the panda down. Fong's not the most pleasant person to work with, but any good Secret Agent knows how to keep his cool-until he's almost killed. As a member of the evil Scorpion Gang, Fong and a partner Wong have been posing as assistants to steal Ling, and several other rare creatures from the reserve to sell on the black market. Now Jack must infiltrate the ruthless gang's Beijing headquarters, overrun with menacing teenage thieves, and rescue Ling and the other animals before they, and maybe Jack, disappear forever. Jack Stalwart's page-turning adventures keep kids on the edges of their seats, expanding their knowledge of foreign languages, cultures and geography.

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Publisher : Random House

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Fiction

Style : Illustrated - B&W

ISBN : 9781849418225

Size : Medium

SKU : BY1-3231

Genre : Mystery/Thriller

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