Spy Pups Circus Act

Spy Pups Circus Act

Andrew Cope

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Age (years) : 8 - 12

SPUD - he's scatty and accident prone but good with the gadgets. STAR - she's super smart and ready to pounce. Together they're SPY PUPS, following hot in the paw prints of mum LARA (that's Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal to you). Every time the circus is in town, sparkling jewels worth millions of pounds go missing. The Spy Pups must embark on an exciting new adventure, join the circus and catch the robbers. Soon Spud and Star are performing new tricks and sniffing out the villains. But can the pups stop them before they tread the tightrope and vanish with the loot?


Publisher : Puffin
Format : Paperback
Style : Illustrated - B&W
Size : Large
SKU : BY1-3080
Content : Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9780141326054
Genre : Mystery/Thriller
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