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Tantri The Mantri : The Deadly Prank and Other Devious Plots Book 1

Tantri The Mantri : The Deadly Prank and Other Devious Plots Book 1

Rituja Sawant

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Age (years) : 7 - 12

Step into the intriguing kingdom of Hujli, where Tantri holds a pivotal position as the minister in the court of Raja Hooja. Charged with safeguarding the king from a myriad of dangers, threats, and treacheries, Tantri ironically is the mastermind behind many of the devious plots! With ambitions soaring higher than the tallest tower, Tantri the Mantri harbors a burning desire for the throne of Hujli, and he'll go to extraordinary lengths to seize it. However, fate seems to conspire against him at every turn.

As you delve deeper into this riveting collection, brace yourself for increasingly deadly schemes and intricately woven plots. Yet amidst the chaos, Raja Hooja remains blissfully preoccupied with his beloved laddoos. Prepare to encounter a murderous equine, tumbling statues, a formidable witch, and even an eerie ghost lurking within these pages. Will Tantri's relentless pursuit of power finally bear fruit, or will fate have other plans in store? Join us on this captivating journey to uncover the ultimate fate of Tantri and the kingdom of Hujli.


Publisher : Rupa Publications
Format : Paperback
Style : Illustrated - Colour
Size : Medium
SKU : BY31-30
Content : Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9789357024020
Genre : Children's Fiction
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