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The Big Bug Book Discover The Amazing World Of Beetles Bugs Butterflies Moths Insects And Spiders

The Big Bug Book Discover The Amazing World Of Beetles Bugs Butterflies Moths Insects And Spiders

Barbara Taylor, Dr Jen Green & John Farndon

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Age (years) : 7 - 14

This enthralling guide captures the exciting world of bugs and minibeasts from all over the globe. Delicate, colourful butterflies, scavenging beetles, sinister spiders, bustling honeybees, vicious wasps, army like ants. You will discover that there's amazing life underneath even the most innocent looking garden leaf. This book examines the intriguing aspects of all kinds of bugs and minibeasts. You will find out how their bodies work and discover amazing facts about their behaviour, life cycles, survival tactics and ancestors. Did you know that butterflies have a life expectancy of only a few days or that the Wall Brown butterfly smells like chocolate? Or that during its lifetime, a worker honeybee only collects enough nectar to make about 60 grams of honey - about a quarter of an average jar? Close up photography unveils the secrets of this miniature world - all seeing compound eyes, super sensitive antennae, clusters of eggs, powerful stings, and the incredible sight of a perfectly formed insect emerging from its pupal case. Stunning picture sequences zoom in closer still, revealing for example the metamorphosis of a butterfly, how a spider spins its web and a wasp community building their nest. The Big Bug Book makes learning about natural history exciting and accessible. It sets out the link between animals and their environment clearly bringing the subject to life with action packed photography and lively informative text. Exciting and accessible information provides an insight into every aspect of insect life and behaviour. More than 800 fabulous wildlife photographs and illustrations show a bug's eye view of survival in the wild. Stunning photo features zoom in on habitats, life cycles and survival tactics. Did you know? spotlights reveal amazing but true facts about the insect world. An ideal reference book that supports school studies on life processes in the natural world.

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Publisher : Hermes House

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Non-Fiction

Style : Illustrated - Colour

ISBN : 9781844770465

Size : Large

SKU : BY1-2502

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