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The Diary Of A Nobody - Unabridged (Penguin Popular Classics)

The Diary Of A Nobody - Unabridged (Penguin Popular Classics)

George Grossmith & Weedon Grossmith

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Age (years) : 14 - 99

Weedon Grossmith's 1892 book presents the details of English suburban life through the anxious and accident-prone character of Charles Pooter. Pooter's diary chronicles his daily routine, which includes small parties, minor embarrassments, home improvements, and his relationship with a troublesome son. The small minded but essentially decent suburban world he inhabits is both hilarious and painfully familiar. Unabridged classic

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Publisher : Penguin Books

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Fiction

Style : Non-Illustrated

ISBN : 9780140621570

Size : Medium

SKU : BY1-450

Genre : Humour

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