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The Idea of You

The Idea of You

Robinne Lee

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Age (years) : 18 - 99

Goodreads Choice Award - Nominee for Best Debut Goodreads Author (2017).

In a world where his name is known by everyone, it's you that he desires.

At thirty-nine, Solène Marchand wears many hats: a devoted mother, a diligent colleague, and a thoughtful ex-wife. Yet, beneath the surface, she longs to rediscover herself.

When someone enters her life who sees her for who she truly is, igniting a desire she thought was dormant, she finds herself drawn into a clandestine love affair that spans continents and defies expectations.

But what if that someone is none other than Hayes Campbell, the world-famous heartthrob and frontman of the sensation, August Moon? His face adorns magazines, billboards, and even her teenage daughter's bedroom wall.

As Solène grapples with her feelings, she faces a profound dilemma: Can she allow herself to fall for the man who captures the world's attention? Or will she be forced to make a heart-wrenching choice with far-reaching consequences?

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Publisher : Penguin Books

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Fiction

Style : Non-Illustrated

ISBN : 9781405950367

Size : Medium

SKU : BY13-2653

Genre : Romance

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