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The Riddle Series Set Of 6 Books

The Riddle Series Set Of 6 Books

Enid Blyton

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Age (years) : 7 - 12

Contains the following 6 titles. 

The Riddle Of The Boy Next Door - Laura and Katie, and especially Nick, are excited when the fun-loving Kit moves next door with his American accent and real Red Indian costume. But the grown-ups with Kit are very mysterious about his whereabouts and they soon become embroiled in a game of hide and seek that is far more dangerous than they expected!

The Riddle Of The Hidden Treasure - Nick, Katie and Laura are so excited to hear of the missing Greylings Treasure that when they stay with Laura's grandparents at their beautiful family manor they vow to track it down. Their adventure leads them to long-lost passages and exciting hideaways but they're not the only ones on the lookout...

The Riddle Of Holiday House - When Nick and Katie go to Holiday House there's lots of exploring to do. But when they discover the entrance to an underground tunnel they soon realise that the adventure is only just beginning..

The Riddle Of The Hollow Tree - When Nick and Katie lose their parents in a car accident they are distraught to be living with their cruel Aunt Margaret and weak Uncle Charlie, but happy to still be together. But soon Aunt Margaret has had enough and, threatened with being separated in different foster homes, Nick and Katie hatch an ingenious plan (and prolonged adventure) with their friend Laura and her mischievous dog Russet.

The Riddle That Never Was - Katie and Nick idolise their Uncle Bob - he's a private investigator and solving riddles is their favourite thing to do. So when he comes to visit, Nick and his friend Mike invent their own mystery for him, which bizarrely starts to come true and leads to a scary adventure at the hands of local bandits.

The Riddle Of The Rajah's Ruby - When Nick and Katie's friends, Sophie and David, inherit a mysterious cursed ruby it causes all sorts of trouble for them. It's up to Nick and Katie to rescue them. Their explorations take them to a hidden house and beautiful temple but will the children escape from the clutches of Sophie and David's captors before it's too late?

Set of 6 Books, Box is not included.


Publisher : Hachette
Format : Paperback
Style : Illustrated - B&W
Size : Medium
SKU : BY13-1165
Content : Fiction
Language : English
ISBN : 9781444951325
Genre : Adventure / Mystery
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