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Tom Thorne 6 Buried

Tom Thorne 6 Buried

Mark Billingham

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Age (years) : 14 - 99

In a perplexing case of a missing teenager, Luke Mullen vanishes after entering a vehicle with an older woman, leaving everyone bewildered by his sudden disappearance. Aware of the grim reality that time is of the essence, Luke's father, a former police officer, fears the worst - that his son's fate may be a tragic one.

The unsettling mystery takes a chilling turn when Luke's parents receive an anonymous video. It portrays their son in a state of terror, his eyes wide with fear, as a menacing figure approaches him, brandishing a syringe. The gravity of the situation becomes alarmingly clear, as a child's life hangs in the balance, and each passing minute becomes crucial.

DI Tom Thorne, seasoned in recognizing the traits of a psychopath, is shaken to the core by the haunting scene depicted in the video. With a deep sense of urgency, he realizes that time is running out to rescue the missing boy, and that every moment is vital in the race against the unknown.

In this gripping narrative, the stakes are high as DI Tom Thorne races against time to unravel the enigma, driven by the knowledge that a child's life is in imminent danger. Marked by suspense and palpable tension, this thrilling story serves as a chilling reminder that every second counts when lives hang in the balance.

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Publisher : Sphere

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Fiction

Style : Non-Illustrated

ISBN : 9780751537246

Size : Large

SKU : BY1-3319

Genre : Mystery/Thriller

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