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Wings of Fire Book 2 The Lost Heir (P)

Wings of Fire Book 2 The Lost Heir (P)

Tui T Sutherland

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Age (years) : 9 - 15

Dive into the captivating continuation of the Wings of Fire saga, as it submerges into a thrilling underwater escapade, unveiling a mystery that will reshape everything!

The long-awaited moment has arrived—the lost heir to the SeaWing throne, Tsunami, is returning home. Accompanied by her fellow dragonets of destiny, Tsunami embarks on a voyage beneath the waves, bound for the majestic SeaWing Kingdom. Stolen from the royal hatchery as an egg, Tsunami eagerly anticipates meeting her future subjects and reuniting with her mother, Queen Coral.

However, Tsunami's grand homecoming takes an unforeseen turn. While Queen Coral extends a warm welcome, an enigmatic assassin has haunted the kingdom, relentlessly targeting the queen's heirs. Now, Tsunami finds herself potentially marked as the next victim. Seeking refuge with the SeaWings, the dragonets soon discover that this seemingly serene ocean conceals treacherous secrets, lurking betrayals, and the looming specter of death.

Prepare for a captivating tale of danger and intrigue as Tsunami and her companions navigate the depths of the SeaWing kingdom, where protection may give way to deception, and the tranquil waters may harbor unforeseen perils—possibly even their demise.

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Publisher : Scholastic

Format : Paperback

Language : English

Content : Fiction

Style : Non-Illustrated

ISBN : 9780545349246

Size : Large

SKU : BY1-3558

Genre : Adventure/Fantasy

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